We are a Helsinki based brand design and advertising agency. Our work is based on simple processes, understandable insights and consistent brand building. In our experience things can be done in a simpler, more effective and affordable way. We are specialised in creating differentiated brand concepts.

Our toolbox

Digital, print, POS, trade fairs

Brand identity
Logo, visual identity, name

Brand strategy
Positioning and

Concept, production,

Social media
Content, advertising, influencer marketing

Package design
Concept, design

“In order to succeed, brands need to act and think in certain ways, no matter how big or small they are and no matter how big or small their budgets are. Not many can afford to outspend, but anyone can outthink.”

Let´s work together

Brandwork Oy Ab
Lönnrotinkatu 5
00100 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. + 358 207 69 1440

Tom Holmberg, CEO
Tel +358 40 5680 164

Veli-Matti Hilli, creative director
Tel + 358 50 5281 151

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